Salad Leaves for All Seasons
Organic Growing from Pot to Plot

By Charles Dowding

Salad Leaves for All Seasons
This edition is not available yet, but you are welcome to place an advance order.
Hardback, 256 pages £19.99
Published: 31st October 2018
ISBN: 9780857844668
Format: 234mm x 168mm


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Known as the guru of no-dig, Charles Dowding has updated the definitive book on salad growing in this hardback, beautifully illustrated edition. In it he shows how to-

  • have tasty salad leaves all year round in a garden, balcony or windowsill, whatever the weather
  • grow healthy plants grown in a healthy manner in healthy soil using organic, permaculture principles
  • enjoy a wide variety of salad leaves, including micro leaves
  • show off the fantastic taste and vitality of your home-grown salad in his delicious and imaginiative recipes

Charles is an expert grower who inspires you to grow your own healthy and tasty salad, while maintaining the health of the soil and saving on your food bill.

Over 10,000 copies of the previous edition have been sold to gardeners and food lovers keen to eat tasty food with a low carbon footprint.


“An essential book for every kitchen and garden”Nigel Slater, author & TV presenter

“The number one book for anyone who loves salads”Anna Pavord, gardening writer 

Here’s how to grow delicious salad leaves all year round, whether you have a garden or a windowsill.

  • Enjoy healthy plants grown in a healthy manner in healthy soil
  • Discover a wide variety of salad leaves you’ve never encountered before
  • Grow micro leaves in the tiniest of spaces
  • Master the secrets of the seasons to have a tasty crop, whatever the weather
  • Show off the taste and vitality of your home-grown salad in delicious recipes

 Charles Dowding is an expert gardener and author of many gardening books and articles. He also runs enormously popular courses. He is known as the guru of no-dig gardening.



Part 1 Growing Leaves

1 High Yields, Small Spaces, Special Methods
2. Vital Knowledge for Successful Harvests

3. Sowing, Planting & Harvesting through the year

4. Small Spaces and Micro Leaves

5. Leaf Taste

6. Sowing, Raising,Sustaining

7. Cosmic Leaves

8. The Unwanted

Part 2 Salad Leaf Seasons of Harvest

9. Leafing through the seasons

10.Recipes for All Seasons

Part 3 A Celebration of Outdooor Leaves

11. Lettuce

12. Endives & chicories

13. Leaves of the Cabbage Family

14 Spinach, Chard & Beet

15. Exotic Tastes and Colours

16. Herbs and Flowers

17. Outdoor Winter Salads

Part 4 Indoor Sowing & Growing

18. Indoor Sowing

19. Salad Leaves throughout the winter




Essential Know How
Potential of Small Raised Beds,
Containers & Window Boxes
Sowing, Raising, Sustaining
Spring, Summer,
Autumn &Winter Harvests
Lettuces, Chicories & endives
Oriental leaves, Other Winter leaves,
Spinaches & chards
Exotic ideas, Herbs & flowers
Sowing in Greenhouses, Polytunnels,
Conservatories, Coldframes &
Growing & Harvesting in
Greenhouses & Polytunnels

Charles is a passionate and accomplished gardener who grows vegetables of amazing flavour

- Raymond Blanc

An essential book for every kitchen and garden

- Nigel Slater, author & TV cook

The number one book for anyone who loves salads

- Anna Pavord, author and gardening columnist

Charles Dowding has written many books on vegetable growing and contributes regularly to many magazines, including Permaculture, Gardeners’ World, Gardens Illustrated & Grow It!. He gives regular talks, advising gardeners on best practice and runs courses on organic, no-dig gardening. He is a regular guest on radio and TV. A veteran organic grower, he has practised no-dig gardening for years, providing produce for local and London markets, running a small farm in France, then producing salad on surface-composted, undisturbed clay soil, which grew bountiful crops and few weeds. He has run experiments to compare differences in growth between vegetables on dug and undug soil, discovering different patterns of growth in most seasons, with slightly lower yields and more weeds and slugs on the dug beds.

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9780857844668
Format: 234mm x 168mm

BISAC Code:  GAR016000
Imprint: Green Books

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