Social Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions
Findings from Transdisciplinary Research

Edited by Grit Martinez and Hans-Joachim Meier and Peter Fröhle

Social Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions
Paperback, 254 pages £21.99
Published: 1st April 2016
ISBN: 9783865816825
Format: 165mm x 235mm


The sociocultural and environmental dimensions of adapting to climate change
in coastal regions and beyond take centre stage in this edited volume.
Scientists from an interdisciplinary background address questions of how to cope with
the challenge of climate change in different contexts. The book highlights aspects of
coastal adaptation, response strategies, and factors for success at regional and local levels.A changing climate not only affects the natural world. Social aspects both are affected by and cause climate change, so need to be considered in adapting to it.  Being key factors in creating and solving the challenges of climate change, end users, decision makers and local residents need to be encouraged to take action and adapt.

• Climate change in the Baltic Sea region.
• Public environmental administration and local integration Tasks and perspectives
• Regional perspectives concerning climate change and coastal adaptation.
• Barriers to organizational adaptation processes
• Social learning in climate change adaptation. Evaluating participatory planning
• Climate change and a democratic culture
• Taking on the challenge of household-level adaptation.
• Socioeconomic and cultural issues in the planning, implementation and transfer of
adaptation measures to climate change.
• The example of two communities on the German Baltic Sea coast
• Social dynamics of climate change adaptation in the KLIMZUG projects. Summary
and outlook from the perspective of environmental philosophers

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 254 pages
ISBN: 9783865816825
Format: 165mm x 235mm

BISAC Code:  POL038000
Imprint: Oekom

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