Energy transitions as chance and challenge in our time

Edited by Christina Newinger and Christina Geyer and Sarah Kellberg

Hardback, 176 pages £19.95
Published: 2nd March 2018
ISBN: 9783960061755
Format: 320mm x 229mm

Providing cheap and affordable energy is one of the most important tasks facing the world today. Inspired by a Deutsches Museum’s exhibition, energie.wenden features prominent scientists discussing the challenges and opportunities of the transition from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy.


I. History

1. Energy and progress

2. The history of the Energiewende

II. Energy generation

3. In the beginning, there was coal

4. Risk maturity after Fukushima

5. Rich in variety, but limited in quantity

6. Unending heat

III. Distribution and Use

7. Power and structural change

8. Mobility and sustainability

9. Throwing heat out of the window

10. Leading the way with our technical capabilities

IV. Challenges

11. The energy transition will not be possible without public support

12. Can energy consumption be sustainable?

13. The Paris Climate Agreement

14. The challenges of the energy transition

V. Thematic Rooms

15. Plant-based energy sources

16. Fossil fuels

17. Nuclear energy

18. Geothermal energy and hydropower

19. Sun and wind

20. Energy storage

21. Grids

22. Mobility

23. Construction and housing

24. Production and consumption

VI. The Exhibition

25. The exhibition energie.wenden

26. Shaping the energy transition

27. Design and educational concept

28. Energyscapes of the future

29. Buying happiness

30. Energy Research

31. Global Ideas

32. Notes and credits



Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 176 pages
ISBN: 9783960061755
Format: 320mm x 229mm

BISAC Code:  SCI024000, SCI026000, TEC010000
Imprint: Oekom

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