Ecovillage Living
Restoring the Earth and Her People

By Hildur Jackson and Karen Svensson

Ecovillage Living
Paperback, 180 pages £17.50
Published: 1st August 2002
ISBN: 9781903998168
Format: 297mm x 210mm


Ecovillage Living is a guide to everything you've always wanted to know about ecovillages, from the tools to make them happen to the people behind them. If you have ever dreamed of natural housing, water treatment systems, solar panels, composting toilets . . . If you have wanted to work close to home, have neighbours whom you know, live in a safe place for your children, or have a more harmonious lifestyle . . . If you're building a community, and want to learn from others' experiences . . . then this is the book for you. It is an unprecedented "how-to and why" account of ecovillage living, and a vibrant story of people spearheading a lifestyle which is rapidly growing into a new global culture.

Finally, a practical blueprint for sustainable lifestyles that will enable humanity to survive in balance with nature.

- Hanne Marstrand Strong, Earth Restoration Corps and The Manitou Foundation, Colorado, USA

This is a most important book, containing a wealth of guidance on how to move from the terminal phase of the industrial growth society into a future with a future.

- John Seed, The Deep Ecology Movement

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 180 pages
ISBN: 9781903998168
Format: 297mm x 210mm
24 colour photographs, maps, plans, drawings

BISAC Code:  NAT010000, POL002000, SOC026000, SOC050000
Imprint: Green Books

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