Economic Renaissance
Holistic Economics for the 21st Century

By Colin Tudge

Economic Renaissance
Paperback, 48 pages £5.00
Published: 14th August 2008
ISBN: 9781900322348
Format: 212mm x 148mm

In November 2007 Schumacher College organised a think tank bringing together a group of holistic economists who share a vision of a new economic order which can simultaneously bring about ecological sustainability and human wellbeing. The group spent three days at the College exploring practical ways and means of economic transformation and developing a cohesive framework for a new economic order based on the principles of equity, sustainability and spirituality. This first Schumacher College Paper addresses the following questions: What are the key components of an economic system which would successfully achieve poverty elimination, climate sustainability and human fulfilment? How can we bring about systemic change to address the root causes of the present economic crisis rather than treat the symptoms? What kind of economy do we need to protect ecosystems and people's livelihoods at the same time?

Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge is a biologist, science writer and author. He has been on the staff of Farmers’ Weekly,  New Scientist, and BBC Radio 3. He has a passion for food and agriculture. He is closely involved in The Campaign for Real Farming and the Funding Enlightened Agriculture network which support SMEs in the sustainable food and farming sector.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 48 pages
ISBN: 9781900322348
Format: 212mm x 148mm

BISAC Code:  POL024000
Imprint: Green Books

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