The Garden Awakening

Learn how to design and nurture a beautiful, vibrant and magical space. Bring the energy and atmosphere of wild places into your garden while incorporating sustainable living, growing your own food in harmony with the land.

Hardback    £19.99

9780857843135 | Published: March 2016 | Green Books

Spiritual Activism

The book begins by defining spirituality for a modern audience of all faiths and beliefs, and goes on to consider the problems and necessities of true leadership. Drawing on a rich history of spirituality and activism it is both guide and inspiration for people involved in activism for social or environmental justice.


Paperback    £11.99

9780857844149 | Published: May 2016 | Green Books

Hardback    £19.99

9780857843005 | Published: September 2015 | Green Books


Sustainability - A Cultural History reassesses the concept of sustainability using a range of fascinating historical instances of its application. The author considers the vision of Hans Carl von Carlowitz, and the journey takes in Francis of Assisi‘s thirteenth-century Canticle of the Sun, as well as Greek philosophers and Enlightenment scholars.

Paperback    £14.95

9780857840455 | Published: October 2012 | Green Books

Future Money

Future Money explains how our money system is propelling us toward the self-destruction of our species – and what we should do about it. Future Money shows how our money system operates and could be reformed so it acts for the benefit of people and society rather than the opposite, and describes the obstacles that currently prevent that reform.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322980 | Published: April 2012 | Green Books

Convergence with Nature

David E. Cooper explores our relationship to nature and asks how it can be shaped into an appropriate one which contributes to the good of people’s lives as a whole.

The author explains how a yearning for convergence with nature is rooted in Daoist philosophy and explores the implications for our practical engagement with natural environments.

Paperback    £10.95

9780857840233 | Published: February 2012 | Green Books

Bristol's Green Roots

Paperback    £15.00

9780857840288 | Published: October 2011 | Schumacher Institute

Media, Ecology and Conservation

Focuses on global connectivity and the role of new digital and traditional media in bringing people together to protect the worldås endangered wildlife and conserve fragile and threatened habitats.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322638 | Published: September 2010 | Green Books

The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

In this ground-breaking book, leading sustainability educators are joined by permaculturists, literary critics, ecologists, artists, journalists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers in a deep reflection on the skills that people need to survive and thrive in the challenging conditions of the 21st century.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322607 | Published: September 2009 | Green Books

The Bioneers

Covers eight important areas of progress made by a group of environmental activists (the Bioneers), offering a glimpse into the changes that are underway on many vital issues in environmental restoration and sustenance. Originally published as Restoring the Earth: Visionary Solutions from the Bioneers (HJ Kramer, 1997).

Paperback    £19.95

9781890132767 | Published: April 2009 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Animate Earth

Animate Earth argues that we need to establish a right relationship with the planet as a living entity in which we are indissolubly embedded - and to which, in the final analysis, we are all accountable.

Paperback    £14.99

9781900322546 | Published: March 2009 | Green Books

Where Division Ends

In his book of essays, Maurice Ash unpicks the fallacy of fragmented and compartmentalized knowledge. Although each essay stands alone, the underlying theme is to unequivocally expose the inherent falsehood of Cartesian dualism.

Paperback    £7.95

9781903998069 | Published: October 2001 | Green Books

Paperback    £14.95

9780952730255 | Published: July 1998 | Themis Books

Rainforest Shamans

The renowned anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff spent most of his working life among tribes living in the vast rainforests of the Colombian Northwest Amazon. This book brings together eleven of his essays and articles about the Tukano Indians.

Paperback    £14.95

9780952730248 | Published: April 1997 | Themis Books

Cool Tobacco, Sweet Coca

A first-hand account by an Indian elder from the Colombian Amazon.

Paperback    £11.95

9780952730217 | Published: March 1996 | Themis Books

Toward a Transpersonal Ecology

Paperback    £12.95

9781870098571 | Published: May 1995 | Resurgence Books