The Breakdown of Nations

Rather than making ever larger political unions, in the mistaken belief that this will bring peace and security, we should minimise the aggregation of power by returning to a patchwork of small, relatively powerless states, where leaders are accessible to and responsive to the people.

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9780857844309 | Published: October 2016 | Green Books

Inside The Green Economy

This book puts the Green Economy to the test, its promises, consequences and blind spots.

- Can efficiency be a solution if it results in more consumption?

- Can we save nature by putting a price on the services it provides?

- Should we rely on technological solutions to save us?


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9780857844156 | Published: July 2016 | Oekom

Contributions Towards a Sustainable World

Parks are key to the protection of nature and the to the conservation of cultural landscapes, but increasingly, they promote sustainable development.

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9783865814791 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Future of Food

Sustainable Food Case studies from around the world

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9783865814197 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

The Nature of Sustainable Consumption and How To Achieve It

The impact of need and consumer behaviour on sustainable consumption.


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9783865813022 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

The Politics of Sufficiency

This book outlines a politics of sufficiency that will make it easier to live with fewer resources but with stronger relationships, enabling us to reduce the speed, complexity, clutter and commercialization currently blighting our lives.

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9783865816900 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Poverty Reduction through Social Business?

 Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus and founder of Grameen Bank proposes a route out of poverty in this insightful work.

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9783865812872 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Fair Economics

Irene Schoene puts forward an alternative economics that is not only relevant to our modern world of technology and industry, but which also shows an awareness of environmental considerations.

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9780857843098 | Published: September 2015 | Green Books

Beyond Flying

Fourteen authors from around the world share their stories about how they came to the conclusion that reducing their air travel was necessary to avoid playing their part in climate change.

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9780857842091 | Published: March 2014 | Green Books


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9780857840615 | Published: October 2012 | Green Books


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9780857840455 | Published: October 2012 | Green Books

The Nature of Business

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9780857840486 | Published: September 2012 | Green Books

Future Money

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9781900322980 | Published: April 2012 | Green Books