Bish Muir

From a young age Bish Muir helped her mother in the kitchen, and learned how to use up all the food in the cupboard, make the most of what ingredients were there and not throw anything away. In The Use-It-All Cookbook she has called on both her own recipes and those which have been in her family for years. She lives with her husband and children in an increasingly self-sufficient and eco-friendly farmhouse in North Devon.

The Use-it-all Cookbook

Packed with ideas for using your leftovers including that sad-looking carrot or hard cheese at the back of the fridge. Soups, stews, pies, and risottos sit alongside delicious quick recipes and tasty juices and smoothies.

Paperback    £6.00

Published: October 2008 | Green Books

Eat Well, Waste Less

This book is packed with ideas for using up your leftovers, gives advice on planning and storing food, will help you reduce your food bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Paperback    £4.95

Published: July 2008 | Green Books