Alias Papa
A Life of Fritz Schumacher

By Barbara Wood

Alias Papa
Paperback, 300 pages £6.00
Published: 16th June 2011
ISBN: 9781900322942
Format: 234mm x 156mm


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E. F. Schumacher was a profound and influential thinker and economist who, at a time of unlimited economic growth, challenged this ideology and proposed an approach to economics ‘as if people mattered’. He was one of the first to recognise the impossibility of continuous growth in a finite world, and warned against the world’s increasing dependence on oil. He was a key figure in the development of the environmental movement and was adamantly opposed to what he saw as violent solutions to economic problems, arguing against nuclear energy and advocating human-scale technology and organic cultivation.


Schumacher’s particular genius was to bring together the theoretical and the practical. He set up the Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action) to provide small-scale technology for developing countries, and his people-centred approach to development has now been adopted throughout the world.


This fascinating biography traces Schumacher’s life: from his early years in Germany and his move to England and internment during the Second World War, through to his later years, with the publication of Small is Beautiful and the worldwide fame that resulted. It shows how his thinking and beliefs changed and evolved as his rigorous and questioning search for truth caused him to reflect on the events of his life and embark on a spiritual journey which was to change him as an economist and as a person.

Foreword by Robert McCrum         


1      Grown in German Soil             

2      First Taste of England  

3      Oxford    

4      In New York One Walks on Air              

5      Hitler      

6      Muschi     

7      London    

8      A Change in Lifestyles

9      World Improvement Plans         

10    Marx v. God        

11    Oxford Again      

12    Seeds of Change         

13    An Englishman in Germany      

14    The Final Break              

15    Caterham            

16    Learning How to Think  

17    The Breakthrough        

18    ‘I am a Buddhist’            

19    The National Coal Board          

20    Year of Crisis    

21    A Fruitful Partnership     

22    Small Talk           

23    Travel and Challenge     

24    ‘Retirement’      

25    Public Property  


“This is a sweet biography of a great man, written by his eldest daughter. It is an enjoyable read.”

- Reforesting Scotland - Autumn/Winter 2011

Barbara Wood, Schumacher’s eldest daughter, is a writer with a background in economics, history and theology. She has worked for the Intermediate Technology Development Group (founded by her father) and the Voluntary Services Overseas Assocation.

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Binding: Paperback, 300 pages
ISBN: 9781900322942
Format: 234mm x 156mm

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BISAC Code:  BIO000000
Imprint: Green Books

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