Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century
The legacy of E.F. Schumacher

By Diana Schumacher

Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century
Paperback, 96 pages £8.00
Published: 8th October 2011
ISBN: 9781900322751
Format: 210mm x 148mm


Series: Schumacher Briefings

During the 35 years since the publication of Fritz Schumacher’s seminal bestseller Small is Beautiful: economics as if people mattered, many of his prophetic warnings have come to pass.  Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century traces Schumacher’s legacy through the activities and outreach of those pioneers who, over the years, have been working on practical solutions to our interrelated global crises. In particular, it describes how several flourishing organisations, some large and some small, have remained closely linked with his ideas and work, and have since become associated as the Schumacher Circle.
The particular contribution of Fritz Schumacher was to bring a profound wisdom and humanity to bear on the practical challenges of our time, and the Briefing both illuminates Schumacher’s thinking and shows the ways in which each of us can help to turn our present crisis into the opportunity to build a more kind, just and ecologically sustainable society.

Who was Fritz Schumacher?

The Schumacher Society

Third World development models

Food, agriculture and land use

Small-scale technologies for local sustainability

The call for a new economics

Transforming industrial work in the First World

The relevance of E. F. Schumacher today

Diana Schumacher

Diana Schumacher OBE worked for the British Council and the University of Chicago School of Business Studies, and is now co-director of Work Structuring Ltd. She has been co-founder of the Schumacher Society, the Gandhi Foundation UK, the New Economics Foundation (nef) and the Environmental Law Foundation, and has served as a trustee of many other environmental organisations. She is the author of Energy: Crisis or Opportunity?, and has contributed chapters to numerous international publications on ethics, ecology and the environment. She is married to Christian Schumacher, the eldest son of E. F. Schumacher. 

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 96 pages
ISBN: 9781900322751
Format: 210mm x 148mm

BISAC Code:  BIO000000, NAT011000, POL044000
Imprint: Green Books

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