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Recent publications

Green Books - clay-and-lime-renders-plasters-and-paints=front-cover-150h-20150625.jpg Green Books - building-with-straw-bales=ep-3-1=cover-paperback=150w-20150625.1.jpg Green Books - learning-with-nature-150h-20150625.jpg

Clay and lime renders, plasters and paints: A how-to guide to using natural finishes

Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce

£34.99 pb / £49.99 hb

Building with Straw Bales: A practical manual for self-builders and architects

Barbara Jones

£29.99 pb / £39.99 hb 


Learning with Nature: A how-to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities

Marina Robb, Victoria Mew and Anna Richardson

£17.99 pb / £25.99 hb

 Green Books - miscellany-for-garden-lovers=front-cover=150h-20150625.jpg  Green Books - no-destination=cover-only-150h-20150625.jpg Green Books - flowers-farmers-year,the=cover=150h-2050625.jpg

A Miscellany for Garden-Lovers: Facts and folklore through the ages

David Squire

£9.99 hb

No Destination: Autobiography of a Pilgrim

Satish Kumar

£17.99 hb


The Flower Farmer's Year: How to grow cut flowers for pleasure and profit

Georgie Newbery 

£19.99 hb

Some of our bestsellers

Green Books - how-to-store=ep-2-11=cover-only=150g-20150625.jpg

£7.95 pb

Green Books - creating-a-forest-garden=crawford,martin=front-cover-only-150h-20150625.jpg

 Full colour £30.00 hb

Green Books - tpojds-cover-border-150h-20150625.jpg

£8.99 pb

Green Books - building-with-cob=front-cover-only=150x187.jpg

£29.95 pb

Green Books - organic-gardening-3rd-edn=charles-dowding=150h=20150625.jpg

Full colour £14.95 pb

Green Books - salad-leaves-for-all-seasons=charles-dowding=front-cover-150h-20150625.jpg

£12.95 pb

Green Books - polytunnel-handbook=ep-1-6=cover=150h-20150625.1.jpg

£10.95 pb

Green Books - holistic-beauty-book=cover-150h-20150625.jpg

£14.95 pb

Green Books - Resources on web - SpiritualCompassweb.jpg

£9.95 hb



Kate Collyns, author of Gardening for Profit wins award

Kate Collyns has won the Bath Good Food Award for 'Best Local Grower' for her stunning organic vegetables. Kate is author of Gardening for Profit.

IN-Review: “The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with hemp-lime”

International blog reviews The Hempcrete Book. Click here for the full article.

Slow Flowers: why British blooms are booming

Mark Diacono wrote a feature on Georgie Newbery and her new book, The Flower Farmer's Year in The Telegraph. You can read the article here.

From fashionista to florist! Why this woman gave up a life in haute couture to open her own flower farm

Constance Craig Smith talks to Georgie Newbery ahead of the publication of her new book, The Flower Farmer's Year. Read the article on the Daily Mail website here.

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