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 An Orchard Odyssey

At the launch of 'An Orchard Odyssey' at Waterstones Piccadilly, we were very pleased to be able to toast Naomi Slade with apple juice produced from her own trees. Her gorgeous book is filled with beautiful photos, anecdotes and practical information, here's what others have to say about it:

 A horticultural fairytale, it also provides a practical roadmap to getting started – even in the tiny modern garden.

 James Wong, Ethnobotanist, TV presenter, garden designer and writer

 For over 30 years I have grown ornamentals with never a thought for planting fruit trees, until now.  Naomi combines a dream of yore with a challenge for the future. Count me in.Roy Lancaster, Broadcaster, plantsman, gardener and author  



  • Alex Sparrow is doing a workshop in Cambridge on 17th September and a talk at The Polonia at 7pm  (IN-Review: “The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with hemp-lime” International blog reviews The Hempcrete Book. Click here for the full article.

  • Judith Woods writes a delightful piece about Mary Reynolds,  her gardening philosophy and the film about her, called 'Dare to Be Wild' out on 23rd September. click here for the full article
  • Darren Allen will be speaking on Musical Meanderings on radio Phoenix.fm tonight, talking about his world view as encapsulated in his scurrilous, radical and satirical 'The Apocalypedia', just published.

  • Is small the next big? Are the visionary ideas of EF Schumacher, author of the classic Small is Beautiful, about to hit the mainstream?

BBC Radio 4, Mon 9-May-2016, 20:00 BST, and then on demand.

  • Kate Collyns, author of Gardening for Profit wins award

Kate Collyns has won the Bath Good Food Award for 'Best Local Grower' for her stunning organic vegetables. Kate is author of Gardening for Profit.

  • Slow Flowers: why British blooms are booming

Mark Diacono wrote a feature on Georgie Newbery and her new book, The Flower Farmer's Year in The Telegraph. You can read the article here.

  • From fashionista to florist! Why this woman gave up a life in haute couture to open her own flower farm

Constance Craig Smith talks to Georgie Newbery ahead of the publication of her new book, The Flower Farmer's Year. Read the article on the Daily Mail website here.

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Green Books - Resources on web - Six Steps Back to the Land x 150  Green Books - Resources on web - Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers 119 x 150  Green Books - Living on one Acre or Less Cover

Six Steps Back to the Land
Why we need small mixed farms and millions more farmers

Colin Tudge


Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers: How to grow and arrange your own flowers for all special occasions

Georgie Newbery


Living on one Acre or Less


Sally Morgan

 Green Books - Resources on web - Eco Home Design Guide Green Books - Resources on web - No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting 150 x 151  Green Books - Resources on web - Spiritual Activism 150 x 228


The Eco-Home Design Guide: Principles and practice for new-build and retrofit


Christopher Day

£24.99pb / £39.99hb


The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting



Kate Blincoe


 Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service

Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael


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